Fantasy Tennis


The most amazing tennis matches


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Fantasy Tennis is a game which mixes the sports and role playing genres to perfection, offering a completely different experience to what most payers are accustomed to. Boring tennis games are over...

In Fantasy Tennis you'll create your character by choosing from dozens of different options for physical appearance. Plus, you'll have a series of features to improve and which will determine how good your character will be in different aspects, they can even get to make special or magical hits if they are advanced enough.

On Fantasy Tennis you'll be competing against dozens of opponents from a fantasy world who will use the most peculiar techniques in an attempt to beat you. From fire magic to super-fast moves, everything goes in an attempt to win in these matches.

Fantasy Tennis is a different game, an entertaining blend between sports game and RPG that comes with sufficient elements so as to keep you hooked for a long time. Plus, its graphics are very cute.
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